So I've got an Epiphone Les Paul Standard that I'm pretty satisfied with and a Rage 158 amp with a G1X Zoom pedal. I've been playing for a bit more than 2 years and I've had a teacher for a short period of time (getting another one soon actually) so I guess I would say that I'm a beginner/intermediate level player. Although I really enjoy my Epiphone, I'd really like to purchase a guitar designed primarily for metal and hard rock in the near future. I play a lot of Killswitch Engage, BFMV, All That Remains, etc. I really seemed to enjoy some of the Ibanez guitars that I was looking into (anyone know anything about the RGT42DXFM?), and some Jacksons as well. Pricewise, I think a bit more than 600 dollars would get me a decent guitar for the money, right?. Any ideas?
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Schecter C1 Classic

I've heard many great things about it. All That Remains is a good band I'm learning their stuff now too. If jackson, go for the mid priced Warrior, there's 2 trims and they are around $700 I think.
I would say no to the C1 Classic
All of the ones I have played looked and felt nice, but they sounded too muddy
$600 would buy you that new peavey 6505 1x12 combo which is coming out. i'd strongly consider that, assuming it's made to the same standards as the USA-made ones (it might not be).

i'd agree that a metal-focussed guitar would probably sound slightly better for it than your epi, but your epi with a metal-orientated amp will sound much better again.
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