New York, NY – CKY has completed mixing their 4th record, tentatively titled Carver City, set for release on Roadrunner Records on May 19. As with all their previous albums, Carver City was produced by the band’s guitarist Chad I Ginsburg. The album was recorded at Studio CIG in the band’s home state of Pennsylvania and mixed by Chad and Phil Nicolo at Studio 4 in Conshohocken, PA. Some of the eleven tracks set to appear include: "Hellions On Parade," "The Boardwalk Body," "…And She Never Returned,” “Karmaworks” and "Woe Is Me.”

Singer Deron Miller comments, “Literally all the things that have been keeping CKY strong since our last album - the undying hardcore support of our fans, our unorthodox musical approach and a brand new partnership with Roadrunner Records - have restored an enthusiasm within our band that has never been this extreme. Sobriety, hard work, patching up inner turmoil and a love for what we do has undoubtedly made this the most collaborative and focused CKY effort to date.”

Ginsburg concurs: “The album is more inventive and more layered than our past releases, with the most melodies, textures and riffs of any CKY album. It is by far the most inspired album we have ever made."
According to Miller, Carver City carries with it a “dark summer vacation vibe,” nostalgic of the band members’ childhood trips to the East Coast beaches. “The fabled town of Carver City has a history of bad luck and misfortune, all the while giving the impression that it’s a pleasant family getaway. Much like CKY's town of Hellview, Carver City's events are depicted in the songs, with story lines coming from real life events.”

CKY are planning to tour in support of their Roadrunner debut in the spring.
For more information, go to: www.roadrunnerrecords.com/cky
Listen to CKY.
I seriously cannot ****ing wait. Every time I think of it I get overly anticipated. The live vid of the new song is amazing.
The album art looks amazing.
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I have faith that this is going to be a fucking awesome album. I really hope they come through town on their next tour.
i cant ****ing wait for this... after hearing hellions on parade this album should be the best album of 09!
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They released their new single for download today, for free. Only for 24 hours though so get it while its hot.

ha I almost missed it because i thought today was yesterday!!!

anyway, this song is great. Its like IDR and AACBF had zombie f*** baby! I'm not so sure about the synth solo, though. Ohh well it will grow on me like like every single damn cky song has.
There is a torrent for a new song, A#1 Roller Rager. Really good. Really mellow song, with moogs used like no tomorrow. Very IDR. Reminiscent of Plastic Plan
New album = half an instant fave of mine thanks to its Vol 1/IDR stylings, the other half is quickly growing on me. Probably one of the best albums going for '09, and a much more mature CKY developing here.
ya this album has got to be the best CKY album yet

long live the moog
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The album ****in rocks dudes.
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Carver City is so damn addictive. My favourites have got to be ...And she never returned, A#1 Roller Rager and The Era of an End. Such a catchy album
Just an update the synth solo has grown on me....and the whole album rocks my foot covrings.
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Carver city is awesome. I brought in Old Carver's Bones to a guitar lesson, and my teacher said it sounded like Dream Theater... I guess Deron hasn't lost his roots in early 90's progressive death metal
Nothing will ever beat IDR for me, but I love the new album. I saw them live last month, and they played a few off the new record, but everyone wanted the classics. The let us pick the setlist, which was awesome. 'Rats In The Infirmary' is the best song on Carver City, followed by 'Hellions On Parade'.