So my mom bought me this crazy voodoo necklace device called a Qlink today. I was going to just not wear it until I found out the absolutely ludacris price of the Qlink. It was about $100.

Anyways here is the website http://www.q-linkproducts.com/
Is there any chance this thing could possibly work?

Edit: they also sell a golden Qlink for 1000 dollars

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umm Yay for a heat sensitive thingamajig?
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It works about as well as the immortality rings.


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It works about as well as the immortality rings.
Haha, I'll probably be getting one of those next

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Yes, I would like to try the Eternal Life Device(s). I understand that the inventor, Alex Chiu, guarantees me that if I am not satisfied with the Eternal Life Device for any reason, I am allowed to get a full refund within 90 days, starting from the date of the purchase.

because humans only live for about 90 days...