For my senior project, I want to build effects pedals.

I've got a few sites helping me out, (http://www.tonepad.com/projects.asp?projectType=fx) but I was wondering what I should make.

I want to build 3 pedals, and I know i definitely want a tube screamer and a wah.
My question is, what should I do for my third pedal?

I was thinking a delay or chorus, although I'm not sure.

If it helps, I'm into hard rock (zeppelin and aerosmith) and some metal (sabbath, maiden, megadeth)
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Chorus! My favorite pedal of all time.
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Hook 'em
id say chorus
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im gonna go ahead and say chorus or fuzz just for the hell of it..

but try a flanger, those are always fun.
phaser.... they are sweet
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