Hey GG and A,

Are there any amps out there that are Soldano-esque? Am I mistaken, or are they kind of a hot rodded marshall?

Dr. Z? Metro?
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Almost every modern day high gain amp was influenced heavily by the SLO.
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Almost every modern day high gain amp was influenced heavily by the SLO.

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Well to be a little more specfic i think the 6505 and 6505+ (5150 and 5150 II) are based on a slodano, and the Bugera 6262 is based on the 6505+ or something, so theres some i suppose.
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How much can you pay? If you're looking at Dr Z, you can probably afford a Soldano.
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What kind of budget are you looking at? If you're keeping it below a thousand bucks, there's the Yamaha T-50 and T-100 amps that were designed by Mike Soldano and use a very similar circuit to the SLO.
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