After almost being without a guitar for 2 years, I was able to get back in the game and I picked up an Ibanez RG for real cheap and the fire has been lit again. I'm in a better financial situation now and I am shopping for a 2nd guitar (and probably final guitar for a while). I've owned a lot of guitars in my 15 years of playing but I've never owned a Paul Reed Smith guitar and needless to say I'm very intrigued by them. There is no way in hell I'll be able to flip the bill for an American made PRS guitar so I've been looking into the SE models. The only music store around where I live that carries PRS is Guitar Center and they never seem to have any of the SE models in stock. Its hard to tell from the internet retail sites what is a legitmate review so I'm coming to you all for my first Thread posting.

I'm a huge Cradle of Filth fan and Paul Allender is one of my inspirations so my eyes are immediately drawn to his signature model. I'm also a fan of Mark Tremonti (Tremonti himself, not Creed exactly.. ) so his Singlecut looks good. Which of all these SE models is worth the price tag if they are worth purchasing at all?

Thanx in advance for any assistance you can provide.
Out of the two models listed, Id go for the Allender, altho I hate COF

But I have an SE Standard, and even before I put Gibsons in it, it sounded awesome.
I just bought my 3rd PRS (CE 22) and the SE sounds just as good if not better, before I swap the pickups in the CE 22
I can't stand COF but I have and love that freaking guitar! I used it for the two recordings on my profile.

With stock pickups it can still get some really good clean and distorted tones, I can't wait to see what it can do with upgrades.

EDIT: I tried every guitar I could get my hands on in the price range, so my affection for this guitar doesn't have to do with band or brand association. This guitar isn't a 10/10 for any one particular style but it is definitely very good at everything.
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The Allender is worth more. Better pickups and good inlays. I haven't played the Tremonti, but I've played the Paul Allender and the semi-hollow one with P-90s. The semi-hollow was the best thing I played in that price range, not to mention it sounded godly. I forgot how the Allender sounded, but I believe it uses the real PRS pickups (HFS and Vintage Bass pickups). A lot of people here recommend Schecters and Ibanezes in that price range, I recommend the SEs. I don't even like Cradle of Filth, but that is one of the most beautiful guitars out. The inlays are awesome, and the gold on purple is just icing on the cake. I actually prefer the flat top over the real Allender's carved top because of the burst.
Only problem I have with PRS SEs are lack of locking tuners. But that's cheap and easy to remedy.
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I played the Paul Allender, one it seemed decent. Nothing particularly outstanding in my opinion. I tried one of the higher end PRS' same result, probably it's just me. I was expecting a lot more I guess.
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I'm also a fan of Mark Tremonti (Tremonti himself, not Creed exactly.. ) so his Singlecut looks good.

fyi, Alter Bridge is absolutely worth a listen if you're a tremonti fan. they've gone more aggressive than creed ever would've been, and mark really has a chance to show what he's got. this coming from a big AB fan that was never a creed fan.

I saw the Allender SE in sam ash, but didn't try it. I have a tremonti SE, and I love it. I can't talk much about it technically, because I'm really new to guitar, but I love playing my tremonti SE.
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try an SE Custom 22 or SE Custome 24.

the thing about the SE series, is that I HIGHLY recommend playing them first. and take the one you like. this is being to the fact that they are hit and misses. some SE are just pure crap while some are gems.
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Thanx everyone for the awesome recommendations and info. I know Cradle of Filth isn't everyone's cup of tea so to speak.... in fact.... I can't stand Dani Filth's voice but through all the years of playing, I've learned to tune vocalists out and just listen to the music itself.

I know all about AlterBridge.... great stuff and I definitely like it better than Creed, its just unfortunate that Mark Tremonti is going to be synonomous w/ Creed becasue they were more commercially successful than AlterBridge.

Again, thank you all for taking the time to help me out.