hey I prefer owning and being able to hold and read a physical book than having to turn on my computer to practice so what books would you recommend I dont really know what to say about where I am as a guitarist so books that will help beginners to advance players well not just books videos too and learning musical theory too reading music understanding things thanks
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"The Principles of Correct Practice for Guitar" - Jamie Andreas. It's not music theory based or anything but I've found it helpful for making my practicing more effective.
i suggest printing off some of the articles on UG so that you have physical copies, besides, anything you can get from a book, you can find for free on UG anyways.
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Look at the Guitar Grimoire series... I have two of them (green and the brown one) and i love them. If you can, try and get the green one since it centers on scales and practice exercises. The brown one will give you a good basic understanding on chord and scale construction.
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-Reading Music: A modern method for guitar vol.1 by William Leavitt , Berklee Press
-Harmony: Harmony I by Barrie Nettles , Berklee Press
-Rhythm stuff: Dante Agostini's Solfege Rythmique (only the first 30 pages are useful to guitarists though)
-Technique & exercises: The Ultimate Guide to Guitar by ZeGuitarist , here on UG articles!
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Hows the John Petrucci Rock Discipline my cousin told me to get it and he basically swears its the best book written
RGT books. They're basically the standard for defining what a professional electric guitarist in the UK is. They'll show you every single chord/scale you need to know from popular music, but they are best used in conjunction with a music teacher who can help you understand it.
Totally Interactive Guitar Bible

Guitar Grimoires.

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Totally Interactive Guitar Bible

Guitar Grimoires.

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Quoting yourself is cool.

WARNING: I kill threads.
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FRETBOARD LOGIC! best book ever. three volumes. get them all.

Fretboard Logic was very helpful. Even though the same information can be found on various websites, I thought the author did a good presenting it in the book.