Anyone got any idea how I can get Santana's latin, bluesy sound? Does he use a special pedal or something? Or is it the amp setting?

I'm using a VoxVT30 btw
Get a Mesa Mark IV and a Dumble.

I can't think of a cheaper way to get his tone, just play with your Vox.
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He does use a pedal (a ts-9 tubescreamer) but that won't get you his tone. In the early years he used a gibson sg and a fender champ amp. Then later on he moved onto the mesa boogie mark IV (can't remember when, I'm thinking about abraxas though), which is essentially a hotted up fender. It is a very middy amp. Then he changed his guitar for a Yamaha SG, which had a warmer sound, and then for the PRS, which had a warmer sound still. Lately he's been using dumbles (a fender champ clone) for his cleaner tones.

What it comes down to, is you're not going to be able to afford it. The best way to approximate the tone is (depending on era you're looking at) use a neck humbucker pickup, through an american voiced tube amp (so you're going to have trouble with your vox there) with the mids cranked and gain set to whatever. Considering you're using a british amp, a ts-9 may help getting his more modern tone if that's what you're after, as it will add tones of mids and get a slightly closer distorted sound than the vox.

Oh and ofcourse, it's all in the fingers. I went to see him live, and at one point he swapped to a strat. While the sound did have a bit of signature stratness, if I didn't know it was such I probably never would have realised - still sounded like Santana.

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