Poll: Is Vince the new Billy Mays?
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6 18%
11 33%
13 39%
Voters: 33.
I just saw the infomercial for the Slap N' Chop with that Vince guy from the ShamWow commercials. Is he the new reigning king of infomercials? Does anyone care?

Discuss... or is this fail?

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No one can replace Billy Mays.

His senses have been activated with the posting of this thread and he is now on his way to be-head Vince, while screaming, " HI, BILLY MAYS HERE, THERECANBEONLYONE!!!!"
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He does have a rather sexy Madonna mic in the shamwow commercial...so that alone makes him a winner!
Better question: Who would win in a cage fight?

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Vince can't make a remix like Billy Mays can.

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I think I need some pics.

The Mays. Looks at this mother-****er all standing there like a Golden God.

Vince aka The Shamwow Guy.

Now ask yourself; who would you rather sell you an absorbent and reusable alternative to the paper towel?

That's what I thought.
Also, am I the only one who thinks that a Slap N' Chop sounds like a weird sexual act?
That Vince fellow looks very suspicious to me. I think it's the way he sticks his head out slightly. Weird.

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