This summer I put Custom Shop '69s in my Ash HSS strat, to convert it to SSS like I should have got in the first place, and to get some more classic tones.

I do not think these are bad pickups; they sound clear, smooth, and nail hendrix at the right height. Unfortunately there are a few things I've noticed that make them "not for me"

My Ash body strat is low-density compared to Alder strats; it is a very thin, bright guitar. The sparkly, treble oriented tone of the pickups seem to make the guitar lack the bluesy punch expression that I chase... instead of making my guitar speak, it twinkles.

These magnets are very, very strong as well; they hurt sustain quite a bit. I mean these are so strong that while set at 4mm, and palm muting, the strings will pop onto the magnets. I don't like going much lower than that because the tonal characteristics really lose their distinction when they are set lower.

Anyway I'm considering going to my local shop and ordering some Texas Specials tomorrow. It's the logical conclusion to me; my guitar is too bright and lacking midrange punch, then increase output and lower the pickups. My plan is to have them installed, and drop them down to the pickguard.

Will Texas Specials in an ash body be undesireable? What are your thoughts on my plan? Is there anything else I should consider, from what you can tell?

I appreciate all help =)

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Mark Knopfler, The sultan of Swing's signature strat has an ash body and texas special pickups. Like most Fender endorsee's, he got his once his vintage Fender got too valuable or abused to use live, and uses it onstage. Sounds good IMO and, if it's good enough for someone like him, it's good enough for us.

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Thanks necrosis.

Does anyone else have anything to add
"The future's uncertain, and The End is always near."
-Jim Morrison