The body and the neck was bought from a luthier in the US (ebay - deep6guitars). All the fretboard, frets and routing were all done by the guy that sent it to me. I've stained it, painted it, lacquered it and added all the hardware. All that needs to be done is the wiring and the nut lowered.

Now for the pictures!

---More pics in next post----
Some outside pics

The lacquer isn't perfect, my dad and I did it by brush instead of spray. Looks fine when not right up close, and if it was perfect I suppose I'd be scared of playing it.


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Nice! Looks almost like a Rootbeer! Good choice with the Gotoh Floyd too, heard really good things about it.
Looks nice. But isn't it possible to sand down the clear so that it becomes one smooth layer, and then you buff it to the extreme?
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Quote by Ox Iceman
Looks nice. But isn't it possible to sand down the clear so that it becomes one smooth layer, and then you buff it to the extreme?


Did you wet & dry it, then buff?
Yeah I would level that finish if I were you, looks especially bad in the second photo

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thats awesome, it looks like a vintage jem
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that has to be one of the sexiest guitars i have ever seen, not joking, good job man!
umm it appears to be lacking a pickup switch
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hahah i bought my jem parts from deep6
good stuff.
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looks great
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Mm. Work on the finish. Other than that and the lack of a pickup switch, WAY COOL.
You gonna get Evos or Breeds, or some non Vai pickup? (although if you put anything but Evos or Breeds in a JEM you're selling your soul)
Thanks people, and yeah, I forgot to put the pickup switch in for the photos.

About the finish, haha, I'm scared to make it worse, it looks alright, I'll probably leave it, I'll probably be doing more guitars and I'll learn how to do it right before I start messing around with this one again. I just kept sanding it in between coats and put a final coat on top, which was damn hard to get it to look even that good. My dad seems to think that buffing it will just make it less glossy, since it's at full gloss when it's first layed on. I have tried doing it with the buffing compound that came with one of the electric drill buffing bits and it came out pretty bad. Do you buff it without using compound or what?

About pickups, I don't really know what I'll get. I don't really have any experience with the Dimarzios. A Breed in the bridge I'm looking at getting, I'm not sure what would go well in the neck with the quite high output Breed though.. Hmm