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I've read the thread and haven't had the hiccups
3 30%
I've read the thread and had had the hiccups
0 0%
Haven't read it
2 20%
Waiting eagerly to see if I will ever have the hiccups again
5 50%
Chances of someone reading that thread & having the hiccups in that time are very unlikely
0 0%
Voters: 10.
Some of you might remember the thread about hiccups and how electric signals from our brain make us as humans reproduce the motion of gill breathing. Here's the link.


But what I was wondering is if in acquiring this information, has anyone had the hiccups? Since we now know that we're not um......fish lol.

I know this is kind of a strange thread but I've been thinking a lot lately.
I thought they were dis-regulation between your lungs and diaphragm, meaning when you breathed in, your diaphragm would possibly 'drop' or relax, releasing the pressure in the lung cavity and forcing a hiccup

That's why holding your breath can work, you can bring it back into synchronicity
Same with being scared, it causes you to gasp
And drinking water, during which time you don't breathe...

I swear that's what it was :s
...lol after reading that and the poll options I'm now wondering if i will ever hiccup again...lol Speaking of hiccups my brother had them a while back ago and it was getting irritating so i sat silently beside him while he was trying to talk to mom and then i screamed suddenly, and loudly ... he nearly fell out of his chair... but he no longer had hiccups...lol
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