I am in a very well ranged metal band and have been eying up this amp for quite some time because of its versatility. The only thing that sets me back is I'm not sure if it will be a hard hitting enough amp for the style of music i play. To give you guys a feel for what we sound like I'll list a couple of our influences. We sound alot like scar symmetry, killswitch engage, between the buried and me, dream theater, All that remains, and the human abstract. We sound like a very good mixture of all these great bands. And im just wondering if this Egnater with a Marshall slant cab will be able to cut it. PLEASE RESPOND SOON!!!!!

Thanks alot!!!
I'd get a used Splawn instead. Killswitch used a Splawn Nitro on their newest album if I'm not mistaken.
Thanx for the suggestion man. I checked out those amps and there pretty sick

Please does anyone else have any suggestions??

or is it time foar teh br00talzz
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actually I've got about 1500 dollars in store credit in store credit soo i need something that's in their line.