Hey guys im new to the guitar thread, predominately found in the bass forum but nonetheless...

I am interested in buying a DIY guitar build kit for my design course at school ( so i can paint it and put my own design on it) and i was just wondering how hard it is to put a guitar together from scratch, or would it be easier to buy a second hand guitar and do it?

The only problem with that is, i want a les paul style and it would feel right (or be cheap) to buy a les paul, pull it apart and re paint the whole thing.

What do youy guys recommend doing?

You COULD do that and possibly waste a great LP and money OR search on the internet etc. I know for a fact that some companies sell DIY guitar kits that come with wooden LP shaped bodies.
^What he said. The guys at Gear Building & Customizing know everything there is to know about putting guitars together.
I've repainted a Fender Strat. But I got a really really good deal on it. So, if you find a cheap guitar on ebay like what you like (or Craigslist where I found mine) then get it. If the paint is messed up, it doesn't matter since you'll be redoing it.

But yeah, building and customizing has a lot of resources, especially a painting thread.
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Thanks guys.
I've looked all over, with google, just wasn't sure.
Yeah I was worried about actually pulling apart a LP.
I'll go to the customizing board and see whats in there.
um you mean buying the raw wood and carving the body? Ask my friend "the humanity" (UG name), he might be able to give you a few points in the right direction. he likes investigating that stuff.