Get your friends together and rent the Prestige.

...wait...Unionjake left...

Seriously though, it's a good movie. Watch it...
^ Oh, fine...I'll give actual advice...sheesh...


No Country For Old Men
Pan's Labyrinth!!!!!!!

The Orphanage!!!!!!!!!!!

Forrest Gump is always good to watch.

now movies that are relevant to ur suggestions...

V for Vendetta

Bat Begins
The Dark Knight


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Relative to your suggestions, I'd reccommend The Virgin Suicides or Lost and Delirious
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V for Vendetta

The Dark Knight

These movies are always good, if you've got the time.


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Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind.
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saw series for the "u need to watch it again" series, but other than that, anything that was in above posts
^^ everythin said above, more suggestions...

- Shawshank Redemption
- Withnail and I

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No Country For Old Men

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American Beauty.

awesome film, don't get deterred by the chearleader in the DVD menue, it is an AWESOME movie.