ok so this is a very rough idea of a song i just started on.. Solo is'nt ready yet so i'll finish it and then do a proper rec.. I did this rec in a hurry so sorry for the timing issues and quality and what not.. I just plugged my guitar processor into the line in of my ****ty onboard sound card.. The basic ideas are there so just Gimme some crit on it.. Song's on my profile..
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You've got a good concept going on there. Its a good rough mix, just need to tidy up on some of the timing issues whenever you decide to get round to finishing the song. The quality isnt all that bad to be honest, a bit too bassy for my liking. Not everyone can get studio quality though. Sometimes you lost the rythmn a bit, but i guess that will come when you get round to fixing the timing.
yeah sometimes i forgot which riff i'd planned to play next and half my mind's on that and after i go to the next one i'd still be wondering whether that was the right one and what not.. thx for the feedback..