so i probly wont get the amount of replies i would like st 2:30 in the morning but what are all the cabs you guys can think of that come stock loaded with vintage 30s? doesnt have to be quality or could be top of the line, just has to have these speakers

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can greatly recommend the HB. Decent construction and the speakers are great And very nicely priced
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Some Laneys do, if I'm not mistaken. Or you could buy a cheap cab and put V30s in it.
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Avatar cabs have them (or any other speaker you want)


You can get an Avatar cab loaded with V30s cheaper than you can get 4 of the speakers by themselves. They are a great company and highly recommend them if your looking into getting a cab.
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All sorts, but the fact that the cabs even with the same speakers range greatly in price gives a clue that the speakers them selves arent all that give a cab good tone.
That being said, the cheaper cabs with V-30's and G12H's for instance are usually the best value, we're talking...

Marshall 1960 and 1960v (v has the v-30's)
Harley Benton vintage (cheapest V-30 cab around)
Avatar (if ur in the US)
Framus Dragon cabs are pretty cheap (in europe)
Laney GS412 cabs (again in europe)
Blackheart BH cabs (eminence speakers)
And some places do the cheaper ENGL cabs at a good price (V60 speakers)

IMO id say the best balance of price/sound/build quality would be the marshall 1960 cabs... (good how they can be stereo too)

Hope this helps