When I improvise it sounds good to me, but obviously I can get better. Problem is I'm not sure how to go about finding stuff that sounds better than what I'm playing now. I've heard some people say just play what you hear in your head but all i'm hearing is the sounds that I know the guitar can make.

Should I just randomly fiddle around on the neck untill something cool comes up? How did you guys go about finding new ideas and licks that sound good to you? Also I know all my (common)scales and modes, just wanted to throw that out there because i'm sure someone would have said learn more scales :P .
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well just experiment inside thse scales, until you think you cant get better inside experimenting with scales.. that's when you gou out of the chains and explore the whole neck and just play.. i mena by that time you will be able to automaticly figure out the notes you should use and you couldnt find inside that box you were used to improvise in =)
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That's how it was for me. A couple of years ago I couldn't imporvise anyhting half decent. Then I learned some basic scales and played around with those, later learning some more, lesser used scales. Now I just do whatever feels right. Given enough time you can basically "feel" the right notes.
Thanks Guys, I'm not really having trouble moving out of the boxes. It just seems like all the notes I play, no matter where they are, kind of sound the same. I try to make up melodies for the solo but it everything still sounds sort of stale.
I think if you know enough scales, then its all about throwing in hammer ons, pull offs, sildes, ends trills, etc.. to give it your own feel. When to do each technique is up to you.
google and you will find some "jam tracks".. download them to your computer and improvise over those... there's plenty of those on the web you you wont be bored, really... anyway, what i'm trying to say is that if you practice improvising over some songs, you will eventually get a clue how everything in soloing really works..

when it comes to building a solo, there are certain ways i personally use. and i'm going to share these with you

1-start slowly, as low as you can.. then aproach up on the fretboard to reach higher notes, as you play faster..
and the other way around.

2immitate the melody of the vocals, add some bluesy notes here and there, develop the melody into some "box improvising"

3 (my facorite)immitate the main riff and develope it into improvising..
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really there are techniques how to make a good solo. and trust me try it with tracks, cause scales and things like that sound sihte without any background music.

i'm sorry for teh double post, and i hope you found my replyes helpful

best regards serem =)
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Serjem is like a Bishops testicals: Swollen
IIIIfb * KARKOLI * ytIIII(mostly rock... a little funky, a little hard just the way you want it )
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Listen to as many other musicians as you can. When you hear something you liek from them, try and imitate it and maybe add it too you're playing.

Try different phrasing too? I really like Aretha Franklin and Frank Sinatra for their phrasing.
learn random scales that have unusual feels and sounds use those scales in your improv and you could really spice it up

try jguitar.com