how do you get the little quote things under your reply? im new to this and i want to do it, lol

and does the message stay if u post more than once?

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you make me smile...

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at disneyland paris, tigger punched a little girl. I witnessed it

like that
probably a good idea to take this to the newbie forums

The control panel is the place to change that stuff
MaKing thE possiBlE...
...totaLlY impossible
oh 09'ers
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long hair is cool mate

haircuts are for people in concentration camp
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Hey...I quoted you! Cool

How'd you do that?!

Help me!
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This one dream involved me, one random girl, midgets and a pie.

...and midgets ended up f*cking her. I got the pie.

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How'd you do that?!

Help me!

I...I just don't know! I just pressed some buttons, and...well, see for your self! I think it's magic. MAGIC I TELL YA!
Shit I forgot it was 2009.
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The only advantage of home-schooling is that it gives you good reason to commit suicide.

Hit this once or twice, and you'll be twice as nice.
There's a special sex move I do called the Charizard.
It's where you light the girls pubes, then put it out with your cum and run around the room flapping your arms screaming, "You don't have enough badges to train me!"