I'm thinking of painting my old strat copy, or to do something nifty with it. For that I need an estimate of the area of the guitar, including the whole neck minus fretboard if possible. Anyone here that could tell me the area?

do this
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why don't you just buy well enough paint?

but probably what you could do is fit a rectangle as tight to the body as possible, that work out that area, then do the same for the neck.

use paper

I was first thinking of painting it, and in that case I would just buy paint without measuring. However, I found some leaf gold in a store, they sell them in quantities of 25 sheets at 14*14cm, which equals to 4900cm2. I'm just thinking whether it is possible to do that, and to calculate the costs I need some measurements. Heck, I don't know if it will be possible at all :P
get a rectangle of paper for the front and back of the body, and cut it so it'll fit tight enough without underfitting, then get another reectangle of paper for the neck, and figure out those areas, also you may want to try using a LLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNNNGGGGGG bit for around the sides
Oooor you could place your guitar on a large piece of paper. Place a dot for O(0,0), draw X and Y axis , pick some critical points of your guitar, measure their coordinates and then using that data do a numerical integration along the border of your guitar :X
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I just took out the old trusty folding rule and made some quick measurements at critical points :P

It summed up to 3641cm2 and I exaggerated a bit on many measurements. So, do you think this is plausible, or is my measuring completely wrong? :P