Hi, I'm playing at a concert in a few weeks backing an old friend who wants to sing a song he wrote and recorded a few years back. I've got the track and have listened to it and think it's in Bflat, and I've also pretty well worked out the chorus, but it's got a keyboard backing and I'm finding it hard to work out the guitar chords, especially as my friend tends to talk or growl it rather than sing it. If anyone would like to help you can listen to the track here. I'd be most grateful for any help.
have you tried using the volume panel to cancel the vocals, that might help.
I'd like to have a crack at it but I really cant right now, but the keyboard shouldn't hinder trying to find the chords, because it would be doing roughly the same thing, but with extra notes (maybe)
but if you know the key you should be right? sorry I cant be of much help atm.
Thanks, I think I can get a lot of it, but then it wanders off for a middle 8 (or 16 or so) and I get a bit lost.
Thanks for taking the time to reply, though.