ok me and my singer know absolutely nothing about singing equipment. but we need to get him set up for small gigs. do we NEED a pa system, or not. if not then how would we plug a mic into an amp because i know they use a different cable, but thats about all i know.
what other things would we need to get him set up?

if there is a good package we could buy with a decent sound then that would help alot
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Er, you need a PA system? You don't plug a mic into a guitar amp XD.

Yes, you need a PA, even if it's a small gig where mic'ing up the backline isn't necessary, you still need a PA for vocals.
i plug a mic into my mates bass amp, works fine......we havnt exactly gigged wit it though....
You just buy an active PA box, just for the mic. This is for the gigs WITHOUT mic-ing the amps, when it's just about amplifying the vocals. If you want to mic the amps as well, you need an entire PA system

How small is a small gig?
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