I'm about to get a Mesa Boogie single rectifier and its going to be my 1st tube amp.


But getting to the point. How often do the tubes need to be changed and if so do they all need changing?

Like does volume and the amount of gain you use on the amp wear them out faster?

Sorry for the n00b question.

Congratulations of your first tube amp. A fine one at that. I replace tubes when they burn out or if the pre-amp tubes (smaller ones) are microphonic (are creating unwanted sound, basically). The small tubes (usually 12ax7s) can be replaced one at a time. The power tubes need to be replaced a pair at a time. That pair needs to be a matched set. Music stores will know what you are talking about. So if one power tube goes you have to replace both of them (Single Rectifiers, 2 powertubes? I think so). If a pre amp tube goes, you can replace them one at a time.

Just be sure to turn the power on and wait at least 20 seconds before flipping the standyby switch. I will damage your tubes badly if you flip them both on at the same time. Technically, turning your amp up can wear the tubes down faster; but, that shouldn't stop you from cranking it. You have a sweet tube amp. Crank it! Note. if it is a brand new amp. You will want to "break it in" for a day or two. Play at a casual volume w/no distortion on different parts of the neck. It will help the speaker burn in nicely. The moderate volume (power level) will help the electronics heat up. So when you turn your amp "off" the electonics and solder joints can cool and harden nicely. Then let 'er rip.
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