We (Hell Forgot Her) have just finished writing our debut EP and they are all in Guitar Pro format so that we can easily change things and hear them alot better, this is another track from the EP called When In Rome Do What Romans Do and is a melodic rock song.

We play songs in the style of the 80's Hair Metal bands but with a female singer.

We will return all Crit given if a link is supplied to crit a specific song.

We would appreciate as detailed Constructive Criticism as you possibly can



Hell Forgot Her
u better have really good vocal lines for this, because it gets a bit repetitive
i really liked the accoustic guitar
at bar 28 i suggest a guitar line, like a response to the singing
and i think you should try to change a little bars 45,46: the use of the B there did not work...u should face it :P
i'm curious to hear it with vocals

EDIT: one more thing, try G# in the bridge instead of G, THEN after the breakdown change the key of the song to Amin (play the same chord but on the E string instead of the A String; not that i think u dont know how to change the key, it's just for those who don't :p)
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I kinda did like it. But the acoustic guitar, wich continues playing the exact same thing, it gets a bit annoying. But if y ou have interesting vocal melody lines to the verses, then it's great.

Bridge is pretty short, quite boring, have to say, there's almost nothing happening and after that the breakdown comes from nowhere.

Now, when I hopefully haven't crushed your self-esteem, I got to tell, that the chorus is pretty catchy, again, an interesting melody line does wonders.

So, I think that the verse is great with interesting melody lines and the chorus is nice too.

ps. the drumwork was great, nothing fancy, but it just fits in.

pps. oh! the intro is amazing. oh, and when the drums kick in. sweet.

EDIT: Haha, a bit late with my opinions. :>
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Nice! really like it, maybe a solo around the end a little after the breakdown, but still really good
i disagree with the statement above on bars 45-46 with that B. Actually that's the best part of the song.
it sounds good overall but gets quite repetitive without lyrics. i dont know, something bothers me about it.... and youve got the same chords in the chorus as Pennyroyal Tea of Nirvana.
you should do it on electric, not acoustic and electric IMO, and if you want, during the chorus, one guitar can play with distortion and PM the things youve got for acoustic.

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