Hi, i'm looking for a new electric acoustic in the price range of around £550-750.
Preferably with a solid top / back and sides...
I'm going to try some out asap at local shops, just wondering if anyone had any opinions / thoughts etc

Preferably Dreadnaught / single cut shape, and brand doesn't matter tbh.

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Just use the search funtion for everyones opinions as this has probably been asked several times.

I'm not sure what that converts to in USD, but are there Breedlove guitars in your range? Try them, they have a great rep and feel amazing.
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You should definately be able to find some Breedlove Atlas series in that range. As usual response, go to a store and play them all.
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I would definitely recommend a Takamine, I recently bought an EF341SC for around $1000 usd....not sure what that equates to in your currency, but I would not give a million dollars for this guitar...I absolutely love the way it sounds, plays, and looks. Unbelievable quality, I played several martin's and gibson's that were running a little over $2000 dollars and the Takamine put them to shame in my opinion. I'd definitely suggest looking at/playing a couple of them before you make your decision to go with anything else.
I agree with kwg try out the takamine g-series I have one and I love it, mother of pearl inlays, it has a cutaway but to be honest I dont play that low on the fretboard haha but its still a great guitar