Yea, I know, this probaby goes somewhere else, but I figured..."The Pit, the best answers" (Yeah, and odd philosophy, I know)

Anyways, as a songwriter, is there anyway possible for me, and other artists, that aren't known very well, and aren't signed to a label to submit music to the iTunes Store?

But the thing is, I'm not interested in this idea for the money, hell, I'd let people download my music for free, I just want my music to be known more.

So, UG, is this possible?
There is a few sites, best bet would be asking www. yahoo.com/answers or just googling.
There are a few sites that serve as digital distributors, which help you to get your music into iTunes, Amazon, etc., for a nominal fee. Run a search on digital distribution for a few sites that provide what you're looking for.

Example: Tunecore
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You can also try myspace, this will give you great exposure, but I'm sure you knew about that already.

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