I had some .09s on my strat and I really liked the way the action felt, and the overall feel as well but the high strings were a little flimsy for me so I figured I'd go up one guage with those keeping the low strings thin.

On my strat is standard: .10, .13, .17, .24, .32, .42

On my SG in Open E or Standard: .09, .11, .16, .26, .36, .46

This is the first time I've tried messing with the guages of my strings, does anyone see any problems with it?

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Everyone has their preference, as long as you adjust the truss rod and action to suit and what not, if necessary.
^ agreed. watch out for your action on the strat if it has a floating bridge, the heavier gauge can pull the bridge up a tad. that happened on my strat when i went up to 10's.
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I used Fender Super Lights on my Strat and carried on with my Gibsons for a while.
.008, .011, ..014, .022, .030, .038
But the heavier my music became the more I wanted to go up.