So I was browsing through my history and found this agreement of some sort of internet game I can't remember. These where some of the weird ass rules that are in it. See if you can find more,


3. You understand the difference between online games and reality.

4. You have no urge to commit school slaughters and haven't sacrificed your neighbour's pet lemming.

5. You understand that graphics aren't the most important part in online games.

6. You agree NOT to LOL in the company of Gekkeiju Online Administration.

12. You agree that you aren't a terrorist nor have anything to do with organizations that can be considered terrorists by The Americanolandian Goverment.

13. You agree that if you are a mutant traitor communist, you won't try to conquer America and the rest of the world.

14. You understand that whining to the Administration about this agreement and Sign Up will only make you look stupid.

edit: darn, didn't notice I wasn't in the pit. Can this be transferred or something?
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This is something for the PIt, or just a sorry attempt at trolling. Either way, whoever wrote the rules should be shot.
wrong forum, gess it goes to the pit.
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it's not the wrong forum there is a bug somewhere

kind of funny
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that made me giggle
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