Yeah, me and my GF of more than a year have gone our separate ways. wasn't ugly, no scene was made. And i feel like ****. But i had to tell someone, and its you lot. Sorry.

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Sorry to hear that mate, you might want to visit the relationship or hugging thread
Unless you've lost both your hands to a tragic accident lately, you are going to be okey dokey.
Was the sex good?
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Me and my girlfriend of 2 years just went out separate ways. You just have to stay active, always be doing something, meet new people. It's when you're bored that you tend to think about it a lot. And believe me, there's plenty of other girls out there. Have fun being single, party, play music, and have no regrets in life. Good luck.
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Being single, once you come to term's is one of the best thing's you could ever do, i'm not going to lie to you, it'll take a few months and you will probably feel so low you dont know what the point in carrying on is, but that is just naturaul after a break up.

Go hang out with friends, get drunk, have a laugh, meet new people, take up some new hobby, play more guitar, buy a new guitar?? change all the stuff that you dont like about yoruself, just do something that has a point/ meaning to you and takes up your spare time.

Also just think, your not losing out here, it's just another road to follow along your life
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