Hey UG, 2 quick questions:

1.) Are fender Telecasters (MIA) routed for a humbucker in the neck position?

2.) If they are, what would a good pickup be to put in the neck position? I play really anything except metal. Mainly stuff like The Strokes, Weezer, but also classic Rock stuff like Queen and Led Zeppelin. I play through a HRD, Crate V18, and a Vox AC4 when that actually releases.

Thanks guys!
I can't remember which way around it is, but either the alder version is routed for a neck humbucker and the lite ash version isn't, or it's the other way around...

Okay so that was probably of no help whatsoever.
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Ha, thanks guys.

I just remembered that bodies should be on Evilbay, so I'll get a look at the bodies on that.

EDIT: I just checked, the 2008s are routed SSH (<--Neck). Assuming the 09's are the same, it looks good.
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