Hey my name is Chaz, I am the proud owner of a small time Social Club in Congleton, south cheshire, UK, and we are looking for accessible bands to play on saturday nights.

It is a regular thing, so the pay wont be thrilling, but a gig is a gig and its all experience. Expect an audience between 30-80 people.

downsides; sadly no serious metal, we are based right next to a load of houses full of moaners, but anything between the accoustic solo artist to the classic/prog rock band is more than welcome.

send me your links if youre interested.

Hey chaz, i'm just inquiring about this! It sounds rather interesting!
I'll have to "consult" my band/friends about this but could we play covers or is it just original material?
I'm based in Salford but have best friends in Sandbach so i'm not totally sure about it.

I'll add you as a friend so I can contact you if it's a go ahead but at the moment count us out!

Best of luck for it!


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covers or original music is all welcome, preferrably a minimum of 45 mins per set but you can play for up to 2 hours if you wanna take the whole night.
imagine it as a pub atmosphere, chances are the audience is going to be more interested in playing pool or darts than listening, but if you do a few covers people be more inclined to sing along and what have ye.