Hey, Maybe i'll get flammed for this maybe not but i'm looking for sort of a power pop type sound. I'm writting a song but i'm trying to get kind of a higher pitch sound for this particular one. I know the basic chords, Power Chords, and bar chords a bit but i was wondering does anyone know of some chords that are used in "power pop" songs? I've been playing for 2 and a half months so any tips are appreciated.
Yes, they're called "chords".

If you want a higher pitch then either pick a chord that has a higher root note or, more likely, pick a voicing that's higher up the neck or uses the higher strings.
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sometimes i take the D chord and play higher chords by playing this basic chord but higher up the fretboard. i know how to play the other chords, but somtimes this is the sound i need. i did that for one of my songs
get a capo
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