Preferably non active pickups.
I hate actives.

I had a schecter c-1+ and was fairly happy with it.

I recently sold it and i now want a new one and i just cant decide.
What do you mean there's a bird in the house?

I mean exactly what i said: THERES A BIRD IN THE HOUSE!
i dunno how much they are in dollars but my epiphone gothic explorer is awesome
check out jackson dxmg it is pretty nice, pair of passive emg hz pups, and licensed floyd rose, and the most important , it is made for one thing only , metal
LTD MH-250NT has passives and its around $440.
LTD MH-250NT (With EMG 81/85)
Ibanez RGT42FXQM
Bugera 6260
Seismic Audio 212