Hey all UG Drummers

Just a quick question. I'm having a little trouble with playing, for example, straight 8th's with my pedal on my hats, while playing some bass drum beat, with right hand on the ride and left on snare and crash. My feet always get mixed up.

I know I'm explaining my situation a bit vaguely, so listen to Going in Blind by P.O.D. The chorus has this beat in it.

Any advice on getting my feet to work together would be greatly appreciated.
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You will get used to it, keep practicing and you'll have it before you know.

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All joking aside... just keep practicing. Though i'm not a drummer, i'm sure a good way to start off would be by breaking it down in peaces. Start off first with just the hi-hats and bass drum beat and slowly add each part.

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'fraid there's not much for it but practise. Also, get a teacher if you haven't already, drums aren't an easy instrument to learn.
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you mean playing the drum off-beat or like...having the hi play 8ths and ur bass doing a quick 2 16ths?

well..it took me a while, but i practiced loads.

Also, i found if i move my hi-hat hand/stick around in circles (sounds daft) while hitting it, helps a LOT. You think more about the circle and less about what you're drumming. Now i can play those rythmns easy
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