Other than the obvious "delay"?

What would it add to the sound? I currently have an overdrive and a distortion pedal with a Blackheart Little Giant amp. Would the delay give a fuller sound and make it a little less "dry".

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It most definitely adds a thickness to the sound - a far bigger feeling of projection as well.

A great investment.

i.e. you want a nice one like the DL-4 or CC
I've got a Boss DD-6 ,, and it really gives and "ambience"?? to my sound.. I love it..
even if I"m only using a very small amount of Delay.. it really gives a fullness to your schtuffs !!
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If that's your goal, a reverb pedal may be preferable to a delay.
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IMO, delay is the third most useful effect right after distortion and overdrive. It gives ambience to clean riffs....Listen to Jay Walking Backward by the Number 12 Looks Like You, thats what it will do to your sound.