so tomorrow I go and get a new amp.

this amp is going to replace my Crate V-50, not because I don't like the sound I get from the V-50, but just cause the V-50 is extremely unreliable.

I'm looking for a combo...but if I see a nice 2x 12 cab & head I'll look into that too.

I'm on a budget of about 1000$ CAD

so far I'm interested in

Peavey Classic 30/50
Traynor YCV40
Fender Hot Rod Deluxe/Deville
and Vox AC30...but I doubt I can find that in my price range.

The only reason why I have such a high budget is cause of my parents wanting me to go new, cause they don't trust things that are used..so they decided to loan me some cash

Any suggestions?

Currently my rig is

Fender Mustang
Squier Jagmaster
EHX Double Muff
EHX Big Muff

i use all of those very often, I plan on getting an agile 3000/3100 in march or april.

This amp needs to be versatile. my main band is hardcore/street punk. but I am in another band and we play music influenced from Alternative Metal (RATM, The Melvins), Pop-Punk (similar to stuff on Dookie), Alt Rock/grunge (Nirvana, Pixies, RHCP, Sonic Youth, etc..), and Classic/Blues Rock (Hendrixy stuff mostly though..)

Oh yeah...Also, if you suggest any of these/other amps, please tell me how reliable they are.

Needs to be reliable enough for gigs, recording, and possible touring.
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if you need amp distortion, you'll want either the peavey or the traynor. the vox can't get very heavy and fender and heavy don't go in the same sentence unless it's "my deville is so fncking heavy i hate it!"
i've heard only good thing about traynor.

but i think you should try them, mess around with the knobs, the EQ, clean and distorted sounds alike. and then choose the one you liked the most...

good luck!
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I have a Hot Rod Deville 410 that I absolutely love. Great cleans and two overdrives that get you to hard rock (not really metal). It has more high-end sparkle that the Deville 212. It is also has plenty of volume for gigging. I usually use the clean channel and use pedals if I need heavy distortion. I have found it to be very durable. It has been to gigs, dropped about 10 inches a couple times and come through like champ.
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"my deville is so fncking heavy i hate it!"

Well, yeah, there is that but it is worth every ounce!
Traynor YCV50 Blue. It's more british voiced than the YCV40, but both are good amps. The Classic 30 is more on par with your V50, IMO.
My Traynor 50 is a one 12" speaker. I've seen a Traynor 40 that had 2 10" speakers.

Go to the store, try out everything close to your price range and choose the one that suits you.

I don't play the same music genre as you do so I'm not sure what to recommend.
my MG15DFX has a button that simulates the sound of one of the expensive tube marshall amps

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What advantages do you get from having 2 speakers, instead of 1?

Moves more air which results in more bottom end.
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Hmm...so I wonder...The Traynor YCV40 and the Peavey Classic both are modeled after the AC30..Correct?

No the YCV40 is more american voiced, like a fender. The Classic has some british (ac30) characteristics to it's tone.

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If so, which would you suggest?
I know one of the local guitar stores has a Classic 30 head, Classic 30 combo, and Classic 50 in 2x 12, and 4x10.

If you go this way it depends, You need a cab for the C30 head, the classic 30 combo is smaller (not any less powerful) and will have less headroom than the Classic 50's. The difference between the C50's is apparent, it's speaker configuration.

I still think the British voiced YCV50 Blue would be the best overall fit.
Since you use two Big Muffs (why I'm not too sure, but this from the guy who uses a Big Muff with onboard distortion so I won't judge) why not just go for one of the Fenders?
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