Does anyone know of anywhere online to buy a Egnater Mod 50?

Furthermore, does anyone have any clips of a mod 50. perhaps maybe on the heavier side?

I've been looking into these and could use some help deciding between a mod 50 and an Orange Rockerverb 50. I play a wide variety but mostly heavier/metalcore. Think underoath, silverstien, 3 days grace, bring me the horizion, with a side of red hot chili peppers, lit, offspring, alkaline trio.
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Where in the world do you live?
What've you got to spend?
I think you get something better than both of those for a similar price.
I would go for a Splawn Nitro, various Diezels, H&K Triamp or Bogner over either of those.
I was looking at the Egnater because of the different modules. The idea of being able to swap out modules to get different tones sounds really appealing.
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you're spending a fortune. dont take the word of anyone. go out and try the amps and get the one ur gonna love cause for 3 grand it should be perfect.
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