So I've been sitting here at work doing nothing for 3 hours because it's really slow today. I opened my desk and got a bunch of office supplies and this is what i came up with.

It's a office supply slingshot made out of two paperclips, staples, a giant rubber band, and sticky notes with a big candle as a base. I've been shooting various things across the room for about 30 minutes now

What kind of things do you do at work when you get bored?
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Office Supplies you said?

Maybe that will inspire you..
start a office war!

Rubber TEC must be my weapon of choice.
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I know the pain of sitting at work for hours on end and doing nothing. Problem is I have no office supplies to make anything out of, but I have found tetris is way addictive and a good time killer.
oh god...i thought that a new form of goatse when I saw that I was Like": "NOOOOOOOOOO!!"

whew keep your damn boredom to yourself.
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you should probably do work instead

hahahhahhahah yeh right make those crazy guns posted above