we are going to perform "Toad" as by cream in the 60's. It's for a talent show. We are all going to have some time to play a solo (drums first, than keyboard, than bass, than guitar[me], than another drum solo.)

During the drum solo and bass solo, I was gonna add some creative feedback usage in the background(because non-musicians tend to think drum solos and bass solos are dull by themselves.)

I was kinda woundering how you guys would think that sounds.

I'm gonna get a practice orginized by at least Thursday so that I can record some stuff(our drummer's kinda lazy when it comes to putting together and moving his kit, so we have to do it in the school's jazz room during lunch and after school that way we can use the school's drum set.)

Be aware:my recording thing is a Dynasonic PDR 1 (you can hear it's tone ****up abilities on my first recording on my profile)

Well drum solos are only boring if the drummers boring, and adding feedback is usually a bad idea unless your about to do something epic on the guitar. That just opinion.
Peace be thy journey
If you do it well, then hell yes.

Depends how good the drummer is though.


There's nothing but drums there and it sure aint boring!
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