So I've decided... for the time being my Ibanez is a decent enough metal guitar, so there's not much point in getting an upgrade now (I will soon though...)

I'm now looking for a guitar which can do soft rock (brit pop/indie sorta thing), jazz, and also be able to have a nice bluesy tone about it...

I was thinking a tele... but the nicer ones tend to be quite expensive.

Si I have a budget of £300... £350 at a push.

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Guitar fund - £300/???
Help me out guise!!1!
Ibanez Artcore. Probably not a full-hollow, but i think a full-hollow would work. A semi-hollow Tele, maybe a Squier one since the Fender ones are around $600 USD, idk for sure
I definitely have to agree with the Artcore.
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Quote by telemetal
maybe an Ibanez Artcore?

First thing that came to mind for me.
Also if you can find any, hagstrom makes some nice hollow/semi-hollows.
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I was going to say ES335 until I got to your budget. Cort Source just about does it and if its up to their usual standard it'd be great for Jazz, Blues and soft to medium rock. Ah you know what 335's are about.