I really like the sound of the neck pickup on my Telecaster, and I've been doing some mad scientist thinking.

So, I want to replace the neck pickup in my Epiphone strat, it's a Duncan Antiquity, which I'll replace that Dimarzio in the Ibanez with to get a cool, warmer bridge sound with (yes, I ignore neck/bridge pickups and put whatever I want where to get the tone I want).

So, I was thinking of putting a Telecaster neck pickup into the epiphone to get the telecaster sound out of it. This is the first time I've dealt with a telecaster, so, I was wondering if the tele neck pickup just drops into the strat guard.

I was also thinking of putting a lipstick tube pickup into it, but I have no idea what the lipstick tube pickups sound like. So, if anyone has a good idea what they sound like, I'd love to know!

I was thinking of replacing the pups in my telecaster with Fender RI pickups or GFS or Duncans, so, this could effect what I get for what guitar, but the fact of the matter is: I want to get a more "tele" sound out of my strat, or if the Lipstick pickup sound is cool, I might go for that.
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