First off, I assume this goes here because it has to do with my band..if not tell me and I'll move it. Anyways this weekend me and my band (drummer, bass) were gonna go to this popular hang out for teens around here and play with my case open, hat on the ground and try to scrounge some money. Could we get in trouble for this? I live in Virginia if that helps...
I believe panhandling is illegal

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Playing in the streets? No. Your hat falling off your head and landing there conveninetly? No. People deciding to throw money at your convienintley placed hat? No.
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Uhm...maybe. I know that it wasn't illegal like five or ten years ago. But now in Ocean City, you need a permit to perform along the boardwalk, which sounds like you're going along with the same principle.
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well it depends on where you are going. im sure you wint get in trouble unless you are going to be somewhere where policemen are roaming. just check with whoever owns the establishment.
It wouldn't be pan handling it would be busking, which in the United States is legal in public places(even without a permit). If someone complains just move somewhere else.
Just make sure you aren't violating a "No Loitering" ordnance.
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Alright cool! And to Arch enemy what do you think if I accidentally drop my guitar case, it pops open and people decide to throw money in?
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Just make sure you aren't violating a "No Loitering" ordnance.


There's nothing wrong with busking, but there's a decent chance you'll be asked to move by nearby shop proprietors. There's a place here actually where you can hand in application forms and they send you out to busk in the area during time slots (very popular cultural place). I know a guy who made $1,500 in one 4 hour shift.