Hey my amp has no reverb, but is reverb that important and do i need to get a seperate pedal for it? i know i like the sound of reverb, but do many bands use reverb pedals? if i do get one which one should i get? I play all types of rock.
Please reply!
Many, many bands use reverb pedals, even if subtly. I would definitely recommend buying one. It adds an "organic" sound to your tone, a little more open.

EHX's Holy Grail line is nice, especially the more feature heavy ones. There's really not a lot of top of the line reverb pedals because the best reverbs are tank reverbs on amps, but there's lots of options at lower prices.
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Echo park is a faveoruite.

You can substitute a reverb pedal for a delay pedal which also fills out your tone a bit more, and itll be more useful.
The Verbzilla is pretty good. Also if you want more natural spring reverb, look into a Danelectro Spring King.
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