So I got this guitar a while back. In pretty good condition (besides some residue from a sticker) and was wondering if anyone knew any information on how much it might be worth, or just any information or comments on it really....

Cut those strings!

It looks really nice, like a Tele/Black Beauty.

How much did you get it for?
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What brand is that? How's it play?
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It looks like it says "J.B. Player" or something. Never heard of anything like that. Looks cool though, but those strings look extremely dangerous.
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you really need to clamp down the strings at the nut but yeah looks like a really cool guitar
The Guitar is a J.B. Player, and yeah the tremelo is a Kahler. I got it for free, baha. I was considering selling it though, because I need a more higher-end guitar for metal, as well as 24frets.

Yeah i haven't cut the strings yet, and it definitely needs to be clamped. But the tuners on it do a great job of keeping it in tune, even if you use the tremelo. I'm pretty sure they're not the stock tuners.
lol ive never heard of j.b player but kahler are great vibratos, and can you really divebomb without it going out of tune?
Yeah for the most part, divebombs don't really throw it out. If you really go heavy and do a lot of divebombs in a row, it might throw it a little out. But it's got fine-tuners on the kahler bridge that you can put it back real quick.
awesome, cos i remember when i had my ibanez RG i lost one of the nut clamps once and those 2 strings just wouldnt stay int une it was ****
Ah, that's sucky man. Here's a closer picture of the headstock for those that were askin'

i looked up reviews for it on HC, and it looked like they went from anywhere between 100-200 US Dollars.
reminds me of a schetcer PT but not really the newer ones.

example of an older one. dead on or what? but yours is a JB player as noted. Cool looking guitar man
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I think all teles look terrible, but i have to say black with yellow binding is a bit more desireable.
yes. it almost looks like the binding is maple like the fretboard. i like how they match, at least in the pic i showed

and i actually like Teles if they are done right. ive seen some with two neck pickups (so its chrome) and doing this black/chrome theme over a natural look... real nice.
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Yeah that Schecter is really dead on, haha. Pretty much the same minus the Kahler trem that mine has

I'm thinking about fixing it up and maybe using it since sell value isn't super high or anything like that. It's a pretty unique guitar so i'll have to try and save up some money for good parts. Any suggestions on what would go good for this one? IE: pickups, parts, etc...
Plays really nice. I tend to prefer a lot of metal and shred, and it can handle it just fine. But some softer blues and stuff sounds good too.
Nice find Yeah, keep it most definitely.
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Keep it... You don't need 24 frets and if that has a profile anything like a Fender's you can shred on it just fine. It's a HH set up with a double-locking trem set up and a fast neck; WHAT MORE DO YOU NEED!?

Also I think it looks awesome, but I'm a believer that Teles should never, ever, ever have trems. The whole point of the Tele is that you can grab the high E & B strings, bend them off the neck and fret them on the cutout with the bridge pickup selected, SQUEAL! Then when you put them back (assuming your strings have been stretched properly) it's still in tune.
Haha, for sure man. Once I swap out the pups for something a little more fitting for what I play, I think it'll be a pretty prime guitar. Shredding is pretty good on it as well. I'll have to try that little trick too lol.

I'm guessing i'll probably just throw some SD's in there since they're more in my price range at the moment and it'll probably sound pretty sweet. Other than that, just a locking nut and some small fixes here and there.
Agreed, you don't need to spend a fortune to get a great guitar. I've never been much of a tele fan but that guitar looks very nice.
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I have to say though, I really like the maple neck on the Schecter as opposed to the rosewood on mine. I think it really brings out the guitar a lot better. So perhaps i'll switch it out at some point if I can find a decent one that'll support the locking nut.
Yah that Schecter is pretty interesting. I never played one but I think they come with Schecter Super Rock II pups or whatever its called. Supposed to be very high-output. They are known to be pretty good pups even tho they are stock. Kinda like Super 58s are decent pups for stock in Ibanez. Or whats that one called from Peavey... Wolfgang? Anyway, back to what I was saying...

SR2 is like a high output HB but P90-ish like characteristics (so I guess more midrangy and snarly and less scooped?). Not too good cleans though. Anyway, I was actually wanting to get some of these pups but instead I heard about Lace Sensors and well, from there I went in a totally different direction and got neither lol.

Anyway, I always use SD. They are affordable and very good tonally. Maybe down the road I can try like WCR or Bareknuckles, but for some reason I think I wont EVER be good enough as a player and in ear to tell the difference, but if I did, I dun think I'll hear a $100-$150 buck difference, yaddamean? lol

Keep the guitar. It seems awesome. Is it bolt on or set neck? You can swap for maple if that Schetcer look is really killing ya.
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Trust Jim, dude. He's a hero to us all. Don't dishonor him with such petty doubts.

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The JB Players are somehow associated with Hondo's and Hondo II's, IIRC. I want to say that they replaced the Hondo name with JB player.
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Yeah the SD's should be pretty good. It's all about the cash $$$ at this point though, haha. Gonna be a fun guitar though. I'm still tweaking with the setup as well, trying to get it to sound perfect.

Interesting, I don't think i've heard of Hondo either lol.
That's a looker!
A tele with a Kahler, I don't usually like 2 Humbucker guitars, but that is noice!

You probably wouldn't get much for it, but playing it would gain more than it's worth.
Thanks, and yeah I definitely agree. I don't have plans to sell it anymore unless it's a really nice deal, lol. But that won't happen so I'm just gonna try and fix it up and make it sweeeeeeeet.