I am 13 years old and i have trouble playing chords because i have short fingers and they are sort of fat so they tend to touch the other strings and keep a string or two from playing any suggestions would be helpful
Just arch your fingers and keep practicing. I thought my fingers were too big but they're fine now. It's just your mind tricking you, don't believe it. Practice slow enough so you can play it perfect.
Yeah my dads got HUGELY fat fingers, and plays bass/guitar.

I've got little short thin fingers, and i thought i couldn't play. I'm now pretty advanced. First thing i ever said to my guitar tutor was 'i can't play barre chords, my fingers are a funny shape there's no way i can do them'...i'm now playing most types of barre chords really well. Keep at it, you'll be fine with lots of practice.
If I had a dollar for every time I've heard this from a beginner... It's a universal feeling, just about, for people to feel this way before they practice chords much. You'll even recapture the feeling as you learn and add harder chord positions to your skills. Just make sure you strum the chord string by string at first to try to get each one ringing cleanly with fretting finger adjustments... then strum to test it. Do that several times to train your muscle memory until you hear some clean chords. Good luck!
dude wierdy enough after all the time I been playing the fingers on my left hand are now longer than the ones on my right i hope im not the only person this happened
As the others have said, completely normal. Try practicing sitting down if you aren't already. My fingers were so frustrating to me that I almost gave up guitar, now 3 years later I would consider myself an intermediate player. I just took it slow, didn't get frustrated, and just really worked at building flexibility. It will click one day if you keep working at it and chords will become second nature to you. Good luck.