Thinking of selling my GH50L, pretty good nick, photos will come tomorrow night when I've had a chance to get some.

50 Watt all tube head, comes with JJ 6L6 or EL34 (I don't know the brand, the ones I got with it) Poweramp tubes, I'll leave the EL34s in and put the 6L6s with it.

Great sound for pretty much anything you want, don't think that it being single channel makes it single sound, also comes with a footswitch for the gain, once used by the great Paul Gilbert! (I know it was the 100 watt version but y'know). Only selling because its just not getting the love it deserves.

Accepting offers or on the of chance someone has a nice DSLR camera they would be willing to trade.
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What are you looking for trade wise? A Crate CA30 acoustic amp by any chance? No?

Only SLR cameras I'm afraid mate.
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How much cash would you take for it?

How much are you offering? I have a figure in mind but I'd like to know what you think its worth.

Bear in mind this is pick up only tbh, just need to emphasize that. I might be able to send it but obviously it would cost you.
Still for sale?

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