Im Not exactly new to guitar but i need help with my amp. Im trying to find a good metal/hardcore with sharp sounding highs

Im using a Line 6 Spider III

i think my settings are

gain 9
bass 10
mid 8
treble 9

something like that and if anyone knows a good As i lay dying or Trivium sound
Yeah, I like my bass too, but you need to level it off to at least 7 or 8 on the dial, otherwise it'll make everything quite muddy and undefined. A little less gain too, not sure about your amp but it wouldn't hurt to use a little less.

g: 8
b: 6-7
m: 4ish
t: 8-9
work with that for aild

and look in the ultimate settings thread
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i tired looking in the ultimate settings thread and i saw it was all old rock bands/metal/nu metal stuff so i didn't bother looking for AILD but thx for the help so far