I'm not gonna post in the link, but here's a guitar I've got my eyes on.

It's £250 and I play mainly Yngwie malmsteen type stuff, and I've been looking at this :

Beautiful Fender Strat from the 1980's in deep metallic red with Pearl Scratch Plate. Plays and sounds fantastic with a good, fast action. Can't be compared to the cheap Strats coming out of Mexico or later Strats from Japan. This '80's model is built as plays as well as a USA model in my opinion.

It has a Floyd Rose Trem with locking strings, I removed the string locks but still have them last time I re-strung the guitar, these will be included. I never used the Trem and I can't find the wammy bar, but these are available from all music shops for a few quid.

There are a few natural wear marks on the frets, these can be seen on the pictures, but nothing you wouldn't expect from a proper guitar from this era. The back-plate has been removed for easy access the the trem springs, these are also only a couple of quid.

Serial Number: E 608716

It also comes with an excellent flight case which is very well made and in excellent condition, not a cheap one.

Does this seem worth it? What will the trem be like? Will it sound how I expect it to play (Similar to malmsteen's old stuff)


Fender Stratocaster in Red.

It's all I need.

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For Yngwie stuff, I think it would suite the style perfectly (that bridge looks pretty weird, by the way). The only Yngwie thing it's missing is the scalloped frets, but that's okay. I don't like scalloped frets.
I thinks it's a Kahler bridge.

I've heard those guitars are pretty good.
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