I know I'm bending to the correct pitch..but if I use distortion it makes this awful ringing noise if I hold the bend there. Maybe it's my guitars bad pickups or the amp? (Roland Microcube, pretty good amp so I think it's the guitar?)
that's the exact bend I was doing..bending D to E on the high E and B strings..Hmm I don't know I have a webcam if I made a video where could I post it at?
it means you haven't hit the correct pitch with the bent note - what you're hearing is "beats". When two pitches approach the same value the sound starts to oscillate, the frequerncy of the oscillation reduces as the pitches get even closer together and finally disappear when both pitches are the same.
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Oh you were right seagull, I just tried again..I wasn't bending enough :p
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