Okay, so I used to like good riddance by green day. But now I pretty much hate the song.

Buuut it still annoys me that I can't play it right. During the picking part, whenever I play at full speed I keep "dragging" the pick across the strings and catching the other notes. It don't sound bad, but its just sloppy. I'd fingerpick it but he uses a pick in the song so I want to play it that way.

I've been playing for about 1 + 3/4 years now..

Its just annoying cause I can play like some metallica solos, and the sweet child riff, but then I turn around and have trouble with the easiest green day song.

In my defense I seldom practice this song though cause I get bored or annoyed and move on.
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ahh the old sweet child riff, i remember all the buzz about learning that riff. and its ****!

Anyways practice seems to be the only way, play it superslow and gradually get faster. you know the score. I know its boring, and if you really dont want to do it. stop learning the song. its not as if learning that song is an important part of your life, neither is learning ANY song. And if its not really important, its not worth the hassle
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The only thing you need to fix these sorts of things is:
1. Knowledge of the problem. You can't fix a problem that you don't know.
2. Desire to fix it. Without the drive, there is no change.

You know the problem. Do you want to change it? Practice, practice, practice.
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its just practicing that technique...you'll get it...I had trouble last year playing the appregiated part on can't you see by marshall tucker even though i could play harder solos...you'll get it pretty quickly, learn a diff song too then come back to it
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